Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CWS partners with Virtuweld® for secure, eco-friendly packaging

We at CWS Contract Packaging are excigted to announce our latest partnership to provide Virtuweld® tamper-resistant packaging by Mister Blister.

Virtuweld was developed to meet an increasing need for tamper resistant packaging in all retail sectors. It adds product security without the hassle of sealing processes.

Just as important, it’s made from recycled materials, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and improve marketing to critical sectors.

Virtuweld is a conventional clam pack designed so that the back manually clips firmly into the front. The secure closure is then enhanced by a stitch-welded effect that creates the illusion that the pack is actually welded. It also requires no automated processes, giving your greater flexibility in packaging and sealing.

Virtuweld packs can be customised to allow easy access by the consumer once purchased.

Historically, product security has often meant extra packaging, extra processes and extra distribution costs. The partnership of CWS with Virtuweld means you no longer have to make that compromise.

Contact us to let us explain its other benefits.